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At Pelican Team, we believe that financial education should not only be accessible and high-quality, but also fun!


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When you're ready to take your financial knowledge to the next level, Pelican
Premium is here to guide you with personalized tools and insights:

  • PERSONALIZED BUDGET PLANNING: Use your own data for tailored financial planning.
  • AI FINANCIAL ASSISTANT: Get bespoke advice tailored to your financial situation and goals.
  • EXCLUSIVE FINANCIAL TOOLS: Dive deeper with tools and calculators edsigned for serious financial enthusiasts.
  • UNLIMITED LEARNING: Gain full access to an expanded library of quizzes and advanced lessons.
  • COMPREHENSIVE QUESTS: Unlock all achievements for continuous motivation and personal growth.
Ideal for commited to deepening their financial literacy and applying it in practical, impactful ways!

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

  • What is Pelican App?

    Pelican App is your go-to digital buddy designed to make learning
    about finances fun and accessible. We're on a mission to help you
    achieve financial independence through bite-sized lessons,
    interactive quizzes, and tons of practical advice. Welcome

  • Who is Pelican App for?

    Pelican App is ideal for anyone starting on their journey toward
    financial independence. Just starting to spread your wings after
    moving out of your parents' nest? You'll find Pelican App perfectly
    suited to navigate your new financial freedom.

  • How does Pelican App work?

    Getting started is easy as pie! Just sign up, and you'll have the
    world of financial education at your fingertips. Dive into quizzes,
    explore lessons, and track your progress as you go. It's learning,
    but not as you know it - its's fun, engaging, and totally about you.

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