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With the Pelican App you will learn about money, investing and budgeting in a way that is fun and entertaining.

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Personal Finances In
A Fun Way

With the Pelican App you will learn about money,
investing and budgeting through quizzes, quests and

Be Confident

Get an overview over your incomes and expenses and
feel the delight of financial confidence!


Know Your Worth

Sometimes it's hard to keep track over all of your
investments. See what your net worth is today and
watch it rise in the years to come!

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AI Assistant

for your service any time

An AI assistant will review your budget, track changes and offer valuable insights what you can do to improve your net worth.


Always be learning

Always be learning, always be earning. Your daily step towards financial wisdom pays off

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Our Mission

To spread wisdom about investing and saving, enabling individuals to achieve financial independence.


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